Nice to meet you!

Yo Ho! Dudes and Girl Dudes!

We think it is very important that we tell you all about us so that you know who we are!

We are not grown-ups, we are kids. But we are still big boys! Our mummy and daddy help us with the typing sometimes but they are not allowed to write our stories for us. That would be naughty because they are our special stories!

So we have written down all the most important things about us that we think you might be interested to know!

Our names are Wolf, Bear and Monkey, and it is really nice to meet you! ❤

18679222_10158629513245543_1913121979_n 2


My name is Wolf and I am 5.

I love everybody in the whole wide world and think that people should be happy and kind to each other. I love mummy and daddy and Will and Oli. They are my best friends! ❤

I would really like to go and see all the animals because they are so pretty and special and really cool! I like birds and horses and all the sea animals! I had so much fun when I was allowed to hold a crocodile!

I really like adventures! I want to find castles and pirate ships and really big volcanoes! My mummy even made my bedroom into a jungle and turned my bed into a pirate ship! I have a map of the world on my wall with all the places I want to go and explore and planets and starts on my ceiling because they are so magical!

18644242_10158629624140543_2027017943_n 2

I think its really good to make friends because they are special people who you can play with and they will make you smile and laugh.

I like helping my daddy sort all the recycling out with my brothers. It is so important for the environment! And we always have to turn the lights off so we don’t hurt the earth with all the electricity.

I really like super heros because they are really good and strong and they look after people and save the world! My daddy is the best superhero ever!

I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up but I think it might be a big dragon!



My name is Bear!

I am a very good boy! My mummy and daddy and Wolfy and Oli are all my best friends in the whole wide world! My mummy and daddy are really good ones! Daddy is the best one in the superhero world!

I really like horses and pigs, and crocodiles and sharks and bears. I want to go on an adventure and find some SQUIRRELS AND SOME NUTS! YAY!

Dinosaurs are my favourite.

18643891_10158629633990543_2058881386_n 2

I really like climbing and jumping really high in the sky! One day i’m going to learn how to fly so I can see the whole world!

I am super strong like the hulk! My mummy says I am very brave but I told the doctor lady that my mummy needed the brave sticker not me. And I got a brave sticker for my bear too! My bear is my best friend!

I really like when mummy sings me songs at bedtime and tells us stories. Thats why we want to tell stories too.

When I’m bigger I’m going to be a Wizard! And a Dinosaur!



My name is Monkey!

Monkey is our baby brother. He is only 2 and a half and he doesn’t speak grown-up language. He only speaks baby language but we know what he means. Sometimes we have to tell mummy what he is saying because she is silly and she doesn’t understand.

Monkey wants to write you a message himself:

hegg-214 rfe4wt8 u83rJv//////////sva787&&&&ywe8rb cnC CEG A  `SFJLQwf

We don’t know what that means but whatever it says it is very funny because he is laughing A LOT!

18643475_10158629624235543_1576054124_n 2

Monkey is very cuddly and sweet. He is also very cheeky and he likes animals too. He has a toy dog which he takes everywhere! He likes it when mummy sings to him. We all like that because she is very beautiful at singing.

Monkey likes eating cereal from the box and he gets so excited and happy when he sees animals or when he sees daddy!



Now that you know us we hope you come back and read all about our adventures!

We are really looking forward to being friends with you!

W, B & M

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