Belle – The Motorhome!

Hello Everyone!

Guess what?! We got a motorhome! And she is amazing! We decided that she is a girl because she is very pretty! We also decided that we should call our motorhome Belle, because she’s a Beauty AND a Beast! 😀 She is 36ft long (not like real feet with toes, but the kind that grown-ups talk about for measuring how long something is), and she weights 7 tonnes and has a 7.4 engine (which daddy says is huge) and it makes her sound like a dragon when you turn her on!

We went with our mummy and daddy and granddad to pick her up all the way from Norwich (which took a really really long time, but was very exciting). The lady we got her from gave us the keys but granddad said we weren’t big enough to drive her yet.

Granddad had to drive her home because she is so big that our daddy isn’t allowed to drive her until he has done a special test – he said its called a C1 license but we don’t know what that is.

Anyway we got her home really late at night after it was dark and the next day we took her to a special place where they store hundreds of motorhomes for people who don’t have space for them at their own houses. It was like a motorhome city!

Mummy and daddy started talking about the things they want to do to her to make her better but we think their ideas are silly and boring. Here are some of the things they were talking about:

  • New curtains
  • New carpet in the cab
  • Painting the outside
  • Getting the rust off the curtain rail

Boring right?!

belle 3

So we sat down and came up with our own list of things we think would make Belle even more awesome than than she already is:

  • Put Narnia in the wardrobe
  • Make her a Transformer motorhome so she can fly or turn into a boat
  • Install an ice-cream machine in the kitchen
  • Cover her in dragon scales so she is all sparkly
  • Turn some of the draws into house-elf houses so Dobby can come travelling with us
  • Turn the roof into a deck like a pirate ship with hammocks for sleeping in and telescopes for stargazing
  • Put a disco inside her with music that plays out of a really loud speaker so everyone can dance with us

If you have any other super cool ideas of things we could do to Belle please let us know and we will tell our mummy and daddy! We’ve already got daddy working on how to fit Narnia in the wardrobe!

Also we are making a list of places we want to go in her for adventures! We are starting in the UK and then going to go over to Europe and we would love to hear your suggestions! Monkey is already strapped in and ready to go, look!

belle 1

We can’t wait to go adventuring in her and start sharing all our adventure stories with you!

Wolf, Bear and Monkey



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