We are three kid brothers who dream of travelling the whole world and seeing all the amazing things in it and all the animals and then sharing all our adventures with everyone we meet! Dinosaurs are also very important!

We live with our mummy and daddy in the Cotswolds in England. We have two dogs, called Thunder and Whisper, and two cats called Sooty and Sweep. Our pets are our family too and our family are our best friends in the whole wide world! ❤ We are not allowed a rabbit or a hamster though 😦

Our mummy and daddy take us travelling all over the country on adventures and now that we are a bit older they have promised that we are going to start travelling around other countries too!! And to make things even better mummy and daddy said that in two years time we are going to sell all of our things and go travelling full time, all around the world!! 😀

We are so excited!! We told mummy and daddy that we needed to start practising our stories right now!

We really hope that you will be our friends and share our adventures with us!