My name is Bear!

I am a very good boy! My mummy and daddy and Wolfy and Oli are all my best friends in the whole wide world! My mummy and daddy are really good ones! Daddy is the best one in the superhero world!

I really like horses and pigs, and crocodiles and sharks and bears. I want to go on an adventure and find some SQUIRRELS AND SOME NUTS! YAY!

Dinosaurs are my favourite.

I really like climbing and jumping really high in the sky! One day i’m going to learn how to fly so I can see the whole world!

I am super strong like the hulk! My mummy says I am very brave but I told the doctor lady that my mummy needed the brave sticker not me. And I got a brave sticker for my bear too! My bear is my best friend!

I really like when mummy sings me songs at bedtime and tells us stories. Thats why we want to tell stories too.

When I’m bigger I’m going to be a Wizard! And a Dinosaur!