My name is Monkey!

Monkey is our baby brother. He is only 2 and a half and he doesn’t speak grown-up language. He only speaks baby language but we know what he means. Sometimes we have to tell mummy what he is saying because she is silly and she doesn’t understand.

Monkey wants to write you a message himself:

hegg-214 rfe4wt8 u83rJv//////////sva787&&&&ywe8rb cnC CEG A  `SFJLQwf

We don’t know what that means but whatever it says it is very funny because he is laughing A LOT!

Monkey is very cuddly and sweet. He is also very cheeky and he likes animals too. He has a toy dog which he takes everywhere! He likes it when mummy sings to him. We all like that because she is very beautiful at singing.

Monkey likes eating cereal from the box and he gets so excited and happy when he sees animals or when he sees daddy!