My name is Wolf.

I love everybody in the whole wide world and think that people should be happy and kind to each other. I love mummy and daddy and Will and Oli. They are my best friends! ❤

I would really like to go and see all the animals because they are so pretty and special and really cool! I like birds and horses and all the sea animals! I had so much fun when I was allowed to hold a crocodile!

I really like adventures! I want to find castles and pirate ships and really big volcanoes! My mummy even made my bedroom into a jungle and turned my bed into a pirate ship! I have a map of the world on my wall with all the places I want to go and explore and planets and starts on my ceiling because they are so magical!

I think its really good to make friends because they are special people who you can play with and they will make you smile and laugh.

I like helping my daddy sort all the recycling out with my brothers. It is so important for the environment! And we always have to turn the lights off so we don’t hurt the earth with all the electricity.

I really like super heros because they are really good and strong and they look after people and save the world! My daddy is the best superhero ever!

I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up but I think it might be a big dragon!