Belle – The Motorhome!

Hello Everyone!

Guess what?! We got a motorhome! And she is amazing! We decided that she is a girl because she is very pretty! We also decided that we should call our motorhome Belle, because she’s a Beauty AND a Beast! 😀 She is 36ft long (not like real feet with toes, but the kind that grown-ups talk about for measuring how long something is), and she weights 7 tonnes and has a 7.4 engine (which daddy says is huge) and it makes her sound like a dragon when you turn her on!

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Nice to meet you!

Yo Ho! Dudes and Girl Dudes!

We think it is very important that we tell you all about us so that you know who we are!

We are not grown-ups, we are kids. But we are still big boys! Our mummy and daddy help us with the typing sometimes but they are not allowed to write our stories for us. That would be naughty because they are our special stories!

So we have written down all the most important things about us that we think you might be interested to know!

Our names are Wolf, Bear and Monkey, and it is really nice to meet you! ❤

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Pack Brothers For Life

Hi Everyone!

We are so excited to start sharing our stories with you!

We wanted to explain why we are starting our adventure blog but it is very complicated so make sure you pay attention.

We got told at school that there are some bad people in the world and we know thats true because thats why there are superheros! We think that bad people must be bad because they are not very happy and we think that is sad because it is much better when everyone is happy and kind to each other. So now our superhero mission is to make everyone happy so that there are no bad people anymore!

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